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Swizzle Craft Cocktails was born out of a dream of a father and son -- Martin and Alden --who wanted to find a way to work together that would be adventurous, fun and a little unusual. Their ultimate goal is to travel the country in an modified Airstream, serving their own cocktail recipes, and sharing those experiences with their family and friends. This is the beginning of that journey.


Swizzle cocktail recipes are developed in-house and favor spirits and liqueurs from smaller distillers that offer great value and taste and fresh squeezed juices for best flavor. The signature drinks range from a unique take on a classic -- the New Fashioned -- to something out of the ordinary -- like the Blue Darlin'.   


Swizzle Craft advocates for responsible consumption and practices that by offering guests smaller sized cocktails. "Swizzle-sized" is roughly half of a standard drink (3-4 ounces) and the "MiniSwizz" sampler is half again that size (1-2 ounces). This way guests can explore a range of cocktail options without over-indulging before they've had a chance to taste everything they want to try. Non-alcoholic distilled spirits are also offered so everyone can enjoy a hand-crafted drink.  

Martin and Alden are Drinkmaster trained bartenders and TIPS certified. Swizzle Craft Cocktails LLC carries its own general and liquor liability insurance. 

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